Saturday, July 15, 2006

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Three very good cards here, the power is wonderful. The Justice card brings balance into your life, over the past few months you have been feeling down and this card indicates that you are on the way up. By the end of the month you will find that you can cope better with everyday life, people mean well but sometimes we have to have our own space. Some documents require your signature, make sure that you understand them before you sign as once you sign them there is no going back. In addition, we see that someone has the Birth sign of Libra. The scales seem balanced in your favour so look to the future as the fun has just begun. The Nine of Wands, around the middle of next month there is a feeling of rebirth of a new venture for you. The Nine brings sign of hope for the future, over the next nine weeks/months you have the knowledge of knowing that you made the right decision. The Wands show that you have more confidence in yourself now than this time last year. Keep on this track and the results will be in your favour. The Ace of Swords, here you have come to the end of a bad era and the beginning of the new. The Ace can be at the end of a deck of cards or the start depending on what game you play; here the ace is at the start, which indicates that you have to take control of your life. The swords show that you have a great six months on the horizon, within this period of time you will have the chance to show people what your capable of in the work place. All these cards work nicely as a team, with the energy that they give to you there should be no reason why you do not reach your goals.

Over the Christmas period there is a wonderful feeling of peace, the last couple of year’s things have not gone as you planned so look forward to this year as things look good. A Fatherly image is here from the spirit world, this Gentleman died quickly as he shows here that your worries will do the same so he has taken away some of the problems for you. You have spiritual insight of your own, do no think that it is your mind playing tricks, as it is not. People trust you so if you feel that you have something to say tell them, the more you share the stronger the gift will become. Love well here we have to talk more, you hide your emotions open up a little and you will find that both of you want the same things. A friend/family member has lost a loved one let them know that they are fine, it is hard when someone dies but it is nice to know that they are at peace. Money is a problem over the coming months as more seems to go out than come in, it will take time few months or so but the Bank balance will improve. Travel is high on the agenda; book early so there is no disappointments. The further you plan to go the better the trip, passports are shown so it must be abroad so get planning and have fun. The feeling of change comes close; you are not sure if to stick with what you have or to try a new pathway. If you feel this way then the answer is simple alter your lifestyle, once you start to alter things the outcome will amaze you as you have more confidence than you think. Lots of music around you, someone could make it on stage as they have talent, they also show here that you have hidden talents of your own. Wedding plans all around the year ahead, the Bride and groom make a nice couple and the day will go smoothly so again there is fun to be had.

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